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I'm tired of waiting for these confederate "rose" seeds (Hibiscus mutabilis) to sprout, so I'm getting some stem cuttings.  Have you ever rooted them from cuttings, and if so what was your method of highest success?  Water?  Perlite?  Pumice?  Soil?  I'd love to get these to root so any tips from your experience would be great.  I have a few friends in this area who grow these plants really well, but none of us can get the darn seeds to sprout, grumble grumble, so I'm escalating to stem cuttings.  :)


I'm adding a pic I grabbed from the Internet, just for fun. 


If you've got tips and tricks, don't be shy. Thanks!


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Grant, can sense your delight at the Hibiscus cuttings starting to develop roots. It is always nice, not to mention informative, to see how others get their bits and bobs to take root.

Pretty cool Christmas present, Grant!   Cheers!

Thanks for all the updates.  I share your delight.  I love it when I can get something to root.  Glenda.  Oregon

Dear Grant, I have grown this beautiful shrub/tree and propagated it for others with ease. I am thrilled to see your sucess but admit to feeling a little guilty about my method. You see , All i do is make my cuttings and stick them in roottone and then directly in damp potting medium. I mix my own, but everyone knows a mix they like. I keep em' Damp to then dry, then damp etc. 90% sucess, but when you make 20 cuts and get 15 or more to take root...who cares. Sad to also add, that i lost mine in a bad winter here in Fla. But, there is one on a nearby golfcourse and come spring; I am going to take my pruners golfing!! I realize yours were sent to you, but i think they wouldve rooted after a day or two in wet toweling??? Just thought i'd add my unaskedfor 2 cents. LOL!

Hey Grant, congrats on your success! I have this little gem in my my big front window bed but it has struggled for the last two years.  I think it was a light problem but I have removed two scrub trees that weren't ever going to grow into anything nice and that should bring more light to them this year.  I hope they do well this year!

Mine is showing new growth now Grant.  A little early this year.  Hope opening up the high canopy helps this year.

Wonderful job with the Confederate Rose, Grant!  I was given some raw cuttings a few years ago and I'd never grown these (or even SEEN them before)!  I took them home, and just stuck 'em in mostly sand, a smigeon of soil.  I watered them irregularly, as I worked many and long hrs.. Then I moved away, but went back to the property a few years later. It had grown all on its own!  I now have a hearty respect for that plant and its' desire to flourish!   

And that's the end of my Confederate Rose 'propagation' story!  It's a beautiful bush/tree.  I'm sure yours will be spectacular, as your plants distinctly show your care with them. I appreciate your shares, and the helpful hints are wonderful!  Hope you'll keep 'em coming! Happy Gardening All!


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