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Started by Kris AZ. Last reply by Douglas Plotkin Aug 16, 2010.

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Comment by Pam Clark-Spitler on March 4, 2012 at 11:10am

I'm trying to find someone that knows something about summer lawns...we need help....does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?  We live in Phoenix.

Comment by Deborah Hamel (Z9a-9b Arizona) on March 4, 2012 at 10:30am

Freesia blooming in our beautiful Gilbert sun. The white color is actually my favorite for habit, fragrance and longevity. The white also seems to be the last to bloom each season, once in the spring (now) and once in the fall (October-November).

Comment by Grant, Scottsdale,Arizona Zone 9 on March 4, 2012 at 10:17am

What terrific weather we're having this weekend!  I spent several hours yesterday hiking the Jojoba Trail by nearby Bartlett Lake yesterday--what a wonderful way to spend time on a warm winter day.  Today I  plan to spend all day in the garden, specifically weeding and then adding some river rock mulch to some newly planted pots with succulents in them (I hate looking at potting soil in pots, LOL).  Here's a quick and casual pic of a bistro table out on my south facing patio.  The mini-petunia and the geranium, have been blooming every single day for months, and they've got several more months of bloom ahead of them.  Easy, fun color.  I hope you'll take a look and enjoy.  Good luck in your plant hunt, Deborah, and happy gardening everyone!

Comment by Deborah Hamel (Z9a-9b Arizona) on March 3, 2012 at 12:06pm

I am actively seeking bulbs for planting, specifically two varieties of onion:

1.  The Iitoi Onion, Allium cepa, also known as Papago Onion and Tahono O'odham Onion

2.  The Egyptian Walking Onion, Allium cepa proliferum, also known as Walking Onion and Tree Onion

Can anyone help me locate and acquire bulbs (5-10) for planting this spring? I know I am late for planting, should wait for fall, but would like to try now.

Thank you all for helping.

Comment by Grant, Scottsdale,Arizona Zone 9 on March 3, 2012 at 8:16am

I'm looking forward to some upper seventies today and then low and mid eighties F over the next few days.  Awesome!  Good luck with your garden and your container plant revitalization, Kirsten, we're looking forward to some pics! 

Speaking of pics, here's a quick pic of a coral aloe (Aloe striata) blooming in my garden.  I love this type of aloe so much I think I've planted maybe two dozen of them around my little garden, LOL.  Orange is my favorite color, and aloes are super easy here, so I grow a LOT of different types.  These mostly get afternoon shade and water once every ten days.  Wilson the tennis ball is included to show relative size.  Happy gardening all!

Comment by Grant, Scottsdale,Arizona Zone 9 on March 2, 2012 at 8:09am

Okay, one more thing, LOL, if you're headed up to CC anyway, you might want to stop at the Carefree sundial too, just east of CC.  It's one of the largest sundials in the world, and the city just installed a new small desert garden there, it's a small easy stroll with some great specimens. 

Here's a link to some pics I took on a rainy November day, but it gives you the idea.  You can have a very fun garden day in CC and Carefree. :) 

Pics of new public garden/planting at Carefree Sundial

Happy gardening!


Comment by Grant, Scottsdale,Arizona Zone 9 on March 2, 2012 at 8:05am

Hiya Kirsten and all, oh yes, I've been to the Town Dump many, many times.  I love it.  Some things are really well priced, and some are just average, but it's a wonderful, kooky, run down yet fun place to visit.  I've picked up a lot of talavera pottery from there, plus some iron trellises and old terracotta pots, and some bargain Mexican tiles too.  I love it!  There are several other really good import stores on that little stretch of Cave Creek road, north of Black Mountain, just head west on CC road after you've visited the Town Dump.  Most are on the south side of the road, in the old town part of CC.  Fun.  Let us know if you go, and what you get. 

If you like desert gardening, Foothills Nursery is just south of the Carefree Highway on CC road.  They have a great cactus and succulent display garden, and some great cacti too.  Prices vary, but it's always fun to stop by too.  It's on the west side of CC road, right after where CC road crosses the Carefree "Highway". 

Have fun if you go!  Thanks for mentioning it.  Happy gardening and shopping.  :)

Desert Foothills Nursery

Comment by Grant, Scottsdale,Arizona Zone 9 on March 2, 2012 at 8:00am

Fun updates! Glad we were all spared frosts.  Now bring on the heat.  :)  Kirsten, your raised beds and the shade structure are really, really wonderful!  I love them, they're so professional.  Did you build them from scratch?  a kit?  or?  Great color choice too.   I love them!  Definitely post lots of pics and updates as you fill them up.  Fun fun fun!  I grow a ton lettuce and Swiss chard in the winter, and zucchini and tomatoes in late winter/early spring, but not too much edible during summer other than lots of herbs, although some friends have convinced me to do okra, which I love, and am familiar with, but haven't personally grown before. 

I put my seed started tomato plants outside awhile ago and they seem happy with life--despite last week's wind and this week's cooler temps.  I love Brandywine tomatoes too, Deborah, definitely keep us posted on yours, and all of your other wonderful plants too.  I find a lot of the big tomatoes crack and split in this climate so I grow mostly small fruit types like 'Sungold' and mini yellow pear which don't swell/contract as much due to water content, plus I'm not much of a chef, LOL, so it's easy for me to just pluck a handfull of smaller tomatoes and toss them in a salad or cooked pasta.  I'm sure yours will be perfection with your very green thumb, and am looking forward to lots of pics and updates.  What other types did you get?  Your freesias sound wonderful too, we're definitely looking forward to pics.  Such great scents! 

Happy gardening everyone, and keep the updates coming.  We're just about ready to enter our best, easiest, and most productive garden season! 

Comment by Deborah Hamel (Z9a-9b Arizona) on March 1, 2012 at 12:56pm

Yes, Grant, we had nowhere near frost temperatures here in Gilbert, either. So, today and this weekend, I am setting out those beautiful tomato and pepper plants I picked up from Baker's Nursery. I am excited to nurture the Brandywine heirloom variety that always is wonderful for heartiness of the plant and the production of 20-30 large, orange/red colored fruits each June. They ripen within a two week period, which makes it difficult to handle the time sensitive harvest of such large volume, so this year I plan to dry some of them. Any suggestions?

Oh yes, my freesia plants are in nearly full bloom! I plan to take photos today and will post an image soon.

Comment by Grant, Scottsdale,Arizona Zone 9 on March 1, 2012 at 12:08pm

I'm happy to report we got nowhere near frosty temps in my garden, how about yours?  Looks like this will be a nice frost-free winter for my garden I'm pleased to report.  The daily highs earlier this week were well below normal, but now we're creeping back to normal and should have lovely weather for the weekend. 

In the meantime, here's a fun Kleinia fulgens blooming for me this week, so I thought I'd share a pic.  Let us know what's looking good, or awful, in YOUR Arizona garden.  Happy gardening!


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