I have heard that you should put Christmas cactus in the dark to stimulate blooming. How long? Anything else. It did not work last year. Mine is very happy right now having been outside all summer, even though we had tons of rain.

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Yes, the temperature did change.  I had decided to move it to my bathroom (after the discussion on here), so it would get LESS artificial light than in my kitchen.  The bathroom is probably about 10 degrees cooler, not that my kitchen is warm by any means.  Thanks Grant, for the explanation.

WOW!!! Bob, what took you all over the world? Did you garden in each location? What an education.

I have read where some are hybridized to get other colors. I'll just stick with cuttings.

I found some at Lowes I did not have, people around here buy for color, I pulled the wrap down and there was the name on the pot. They must have thought I was crazy, I had to also pull the plastic shelve down too. I went through all of them and found 4 or 5 I did not have.

I can't wait for my new yellow one to bloom, it has pretty yellow buds. The salmon ones are pretty and I have a solid bright orange. I like the two colored ones also.

Heck...I love them all..

It is interesting how old some of them are. I have seen seeds for sale on Ebay, I don't know how they get them to produce seeds.

Thanks for info Grant, I thought I put wrong label in one of mine. My Gold Charm is more pink this year.

Last year I did not have as many so I brought them in to the house. This year I put them in my unheated laundry room that is built on the back of our carport. I have a heater in there and kept temp at 40F at night. As the buds got bigger I brought them in the house and out them in a west window, I don't have a south window.

Some of my COTs have changed color also.

I FINALLY got some!! BUT they are called SPRING cactus.. IT is spring so the name seems to change with the seasons!! I got a purple and white one.. I had to have the white.. (thanks Grant for showing yours!) I will pot them in their new pots next week and place them on the front porch with the others..

I have been GONE for a while with a sick mom and me with the grandsons. I hope everyone is doing just great and planting away and your weather is not cooling down to much.. we seem to be holding in the 70's/50-60 for now.. I see the site is growing nicely with all new gardeners/flower beds ppl to other new ppl! Great to see.. All have a great plant day!!  



Hey Grant. I saw your link on iding them.. I am not happy about how picky they are as of now the purple one is not blooming but dieing out some with the blooms.. the white one seems happy and doing fine.. O well. Learned to not get this type.. I will see how they do for this year to the next  and keep them like they like it as best I can.. LOL..  

I have them planted and outside in a big yellow basket with a red wax begonia for color contrast. I see lots of new growth and I hope they bloom come next winter/spring.  I have them in different colored striped pots but U can not see that from this angle.. lol.. they do get some sun but I try to not let them get to much.. loluck again.. How is everyone elses doing?? NOT really HOT yet, but coming soon.


Its the shorter daylight hours and cooler weather that send the message to them to flower, so they would get confused bringing them indoors. Tip---don,t over water and I find they like their roots to be tight in the pot . There are different types  I have an orange one with fibrous tips,  one that is just starting to bud now, which is the start of spring , my other pinky shaded ones have finished flowering.

Now late Autumn here and my Zygo (Christmas Cactus) are loaded with buds, so I am hoping this will be the year I have some spectacular displays.  Seems as I though I have finally found them all a spot in the garden where they are happy enough to all bloom.  I will post a pic when they start to bloom as one looks as if it could be in bloom by next week.


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