I have mine in water now and want to move it to soil.  I live in zone 4, so this will be an indoor plant. 

I do not know what variety it is, but I need to know what kind of soil to put it in.  I am guessing my regular potting soil may not be the best idea.

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So fun!  Definitely a Pereskia and perhaps P. aculeata?  I added a comment to the pic in your fun photo album too.  I grow pereskias in regular potting soil mixed about 50% with perlite or pumice.  A cactus and succulent mix would probably be good too.  Mine like plenty of water when they have leaves, and then not too much when they drop their leaves in winter.  One of the few cacti (yup, it's a true cactus) that don't like to air-dry/heal over before being planted when cuttings.  You're doing great with yours--I think I'm envious, LOL.  Good luck and happy gardening.  :)

It's a Pereskia godseffiana; I've had one for years. Give it as much light as possible.  Mine is in full sun all day  down here in Florida.

Cute plant! I want one!

Thank you for your help. Thank you for the warning about leaf drop. I would have thought I killed it. I have it under a grow lite in a nice warm room. I am bracing for a cold MN winter. Thank you for sharing your expertise.
There are so many of these, I really do like to know exactly what I am dealing with. I get cuttings from friends and I am amazed at how many people have no idea what they are growing. I like to maximize the chances of success!



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