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Comment by Freddy J. Hill on August 22, 2012 at 11:37pm

Sarah, glad you'e having great propogation success.  Try keeping a short log of your plants progress to get an idea of their growth late.  Have fun.

Comment by Sarah Jane Curry on August 22, 2012 at 10:04am

I'm so excited! I was sitting there admiring my inside rock garden and my various succulents when I saw that I had stuffed two leaves from my great big scalloped echeveria in a small spot and when I pulled them out, they had started to sprout!! Hooray! So then I rushed over to my classic jade plant leaves I've been hoping to root, and one of them has some roots starting too!! double hooray!! Then I checked on a few others like my Aloe that  seemed to get some sort of rot that started to eat from the inside out, so I had pulled most of the babies off and tried to get them to root, however the majority of them started to rot, so I cut off the rotted part, left a small slice at the bottom and let it dry for a day or two, then stuck them in some sand and low and behold, I'm gaining my plants back!! Triple hooray! AND I scored a brand new cactus, opuntia variety.. not sure which one, but the top section resembled a heart and so it was meant to be in my heart shaped rock garden. instead I stuck it in my strawberry container planter which houses a variety of succulents. Who has two thumbs and is a very happy gardener? ME!! happy gardening everyone!!

Comment by Freddy J. Hill on August 22, 2012 at 12:11am

Planted 5 veggies (very short rows) in my keyhole garden; constructed a sun screen for same.  Plan is to plant smaller rows on a regular basis as the space allows; also potted and labeled 10 cuttings and starting to work on a strategy for getting twice as many smaller plants into the garage this year.  Hope you all have had a great weekend.

Comment by Sarah Jane Curry on August 20, 2012 at 10:57am

Thanks for all the great info!! I love it! we just went up to the Devil's Backbone open space here in Loveland, Colorado.. Loved it! Cacti everywhere, amazing geology. so.. I took a cactus home with me, and some rocks of course. It looked like I had just missed the flowering of most of the cacti up there. boooo... But I'm hoping my new cactus loves it's home in my succulent strawberry pot as much as it did in the ground out there. Again, thanks for the great info and for sharing the bonzai link!! Loved it!!!

Comment by mo puff on August 20, 2012 at 6:31am

Fantastic news Freddy! We are ALL very proud to know you... may i have your autograph?! love it. And thanks for the I.D. Grant! i will save this and write a nice tag! soo, it is NOT a stapelia? or is it a family member... what are the distinctions?

Comment by Freddy J. Hill on August 19, 2012 at 11:58pm

Greetings, all. Finally got rain here; time to start resetting for fall gardens.  For those who are members of CSSA, my Keyhole Garden article was presented in this months "To the Point" newsletter of CSSA.  It was an honor to be published. 

With cooler weather (?) I hope to go through my plants, cutting up some for restarts and to shape them, pulling weeds, repotting oversized plants and try to keep track of my turtles.  Hope you all have a lot of good plans for this fall.

Comment by Grant, Scottsdale,Arizona Zone 9 on August 19, 2012 at 9:03pm

Fun new updates everyone, keep them coming!  Sarah, when I start cacti or succulent seeds I use regular potting soil mixed 1:1 with either perlite or pumice, with just a handful of builder's sand mixed in.  I DO let cacti and succulent cuttings air-dry in the shade for a couple of days before planting them.  All except Pereskia, one of the few truly leafy cacti--they like to be potted and watered as soon as they're cut away from the main plant.

Nice new plants, Mo!  Your red flowering one sure looks like Huernia aspera to me, the so-called "lifesaver plant" because the blooms look like little red Lifesaver candies.  It looks great!  Congrats on it, and your new baby, which looks like another Huernia too.  When it cools off a bit, and when my plants stop blooming, I can send you a little piece of my Stapelia grandiflora if you can't find one by then.  Let's chat in 4-6 weeks when our blast furnace cools off, LOL. 

Nice bonsai, Freddy, thanks for sharing it.  You're right that lots of Stapeliads get root mealybugs, I always check whenever I'm repotting.  Boo!  LOL.

Just for fun, here are a couple of pics from my little garden this week.  Yet another flower on a white Matucana madisoniorum (they've been blooming all summer in red, white, orange, and in-between), plus more blooms and buds on the Stapelia grandiflora, and a quick pic of a Hylocereus (I think) blooming on the SW wall in my back garden.

Take care and happy gardening!


Comment by Freddy J. Hill on August 16, 2012 at 8:02pm

Mary, Susan Amoy is one of the best succulent bonsai creators.  We had another gentleman from St. Louis give a talk here in OKC.  That talk got me inspired to try it for real.


Just a note on the stapeliads, they very frequently suffer from root mealy bugs.  They will appear as white spots on the soil/root structure.  It's good to treat with a soak product if you think you have them.  A fellow grower says to always assume they are present when you buy a plant. 

Comment by Mary Adams-zone 6a on August 16, 2012 at 7:45pm

At our monthly meeting in August, we had a succulent bonsai specialist come back (from NY) to give us another demonstration in making succulent bonsais. Her name is Susan Amoy. She has come to St. Louis several times, and she was here for the Mid-states Cactus&Succulent Conference in St. louis in 2010. She is amazing at what she does with bonsais, and she's so fast. I wish I would have taken pics of her creations to show them here. She does have a website: and she wrote an article for the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

Comment by Sarah Jane Curry on August 16, 2012 at 7:15pm

Awesome looking plants!!! I love them!! Mo, you talk about being jealous.. ME TOO!! Man those are awesome specimens!! Love the bonsai tree!!! I love bonsai and I am training my ficus to be braided. Good luck with them!! 


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