I thought they were different. Moonflower from Morning Glory family and Datura from Angel's Trumpet family. However, when I try to buy the seeds they categorize them as the same. I am looking for the one that the bloom opens during the day as well and thought that was Datura but now not so sure. HELP

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Here are the photos I took last month.  This one plant has been cut back three times this season!  It was nearly destroyed by a really bad hail storm.  My whole yard was wiped out in June from that storm. I lost a lot of plants but this guy came back just fine.

Brugmansia is a small tree or large perennial (in warm climates) shrub, known for its Trumpet shaped, large downward pointing blooms. It smells heavenly at dusk after a hot day. Wind will shred it, so plant it in a sheltered spot. It prefers shade in hottest gardens and is NOT a hardy plant after 30 degrees.

Moonflowers are in the ipomea family, and are an annual vine.

Rose, there is a moonflower vine and also a moonflower bush.  

They are not the same plant, just the same common name.  The bush is a datura.



Thank you for posting the pictures. They look great. I bought some seeds for the datura of eBay and waiting to see what happens. Hopefully it will establish before it gets too cold. I am in zone 10 off of San Diego, California

 U r correct n saying the dantura blooms n the day. This olants is also known as the angel trumpet.

I do not know why they put them n the same categories, one is a vine & 1 is a plant. Moon vines r of the morning glory category bot moon vines only bloom @ night. Do not let the categories scare u away. BOTH r beautiful plants. The Dantura comes in several colors & we grow them outside here n central La. It comes back every yr if mulched. The moon vine must b planted yearly. ENJOY THEM!


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