Can anyone give me some growing tips on Cymbidum orchids? I've had a few and just can't get them to bloom; although they say these are the easiest orchid to grow. Any tips would be appreciated.

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I'll be watching for answers, too.  I can grow phaelenopsis with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back, but can't get Cymbidiums to rebloom!
My dad has had great success with Cymbidiums.  He  says they need cold temps to set their buds.  He lives in the Seattle area and keeps his in a garage with a large window, after they are finished blooming, which is occurring right now.
Ellen that's exactly what I do with my other orchids and they are blooming right now, however the cymbiidiums haven't bloomed in 3 years or since I got it. Thanks for your suggestion.

I too have some & have been wondering the same thing.

While looking on google I found this website, hope it helps:
Thanks carmen, I'll take a look.
Hi Hildegrarde found out that is the kind I have. And no blooms on mine yet either. Think they bloom in the winter. You can take them outside from what I understand like Christmas cacti.

Just Googled this site. Hope it helps.


I have to say I am a beginner, but have found that my orchids do really well where my african violets are. That being said, I also use fertilzer, but half strenght. And I water them once a week and with bright light and not direct..Other then that just be patient. They are sure fun to watch once they begin to bloom....good luck.


The Cymbidiums do need cold temps to set the buds. We live in Virginia and we leave ours

outside.  They can take it down to 35 and prefer that for setting buds.  Our plants bloom

every year.  Feeding is also very important.  But without the cold temps you won't get

any blooms.  Good luck!  

I'm not an expert on orchids but we put our mostly cymbidiums outside for the summer, under a shade tree and left them out  until the fall nights were dipping into the 40 degrees F.  We brought them in and put most of them in a glass enclosure with lights.  The remaining 4 or 5 we put in a south window over the kitchen sink.  We are zone 5/6 and do not get a lot of strong sun in the winter.  All 4 are reblooming and hoping to get the Ladies Slipper to bloom.

I can't seem to get my photos to open up with my post.  Any Help out there?  Thanks.  Figured it out.


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