I hope this is the right group to ask this question. About 30 years ago, we moved some iris from my mother in laws parents house (abandoned at the time) to the cemetery where she was buried. We were there yesterday and there are some very small iris remaining. I dug up 7 tubers and potted them when we got home in Miracle Grow potting soil. Is there anything extra I can do to try help these become healthy/larger again? I'd really like to get them going so that my daughter can plant them somewhere in her new yard. She was only 2 when her grandmother died. We are in Zone 8b in Texas.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi, Pat. I have lots of Iris's, and I would say don't over water and make sure some of the rhizome is above the soil line. I have found Iris to be extremely hardy, of coarse every climate and Iris plant has different challenges. Hope this helps, Marian

Pat, iris like sunshine and warmth to thrive. In particular their rhizomes like to be exposed to the sun. so when you're able, plant outdoors(they are very hardy) and after planting tug on them to bring them very close to the surface. Do not bury too deeply. Examine the rhizomes first to make sure you have healthy fat ones. If you notice shriveling or small holes(iris borer) toss those.  If yours are big clusters, you may break them up to plant individually.There should be a small "fan" of leaves on each.  It may take a few years for them to bloom in their new conditions but i'll be worth it to have these treasures for your daughter.  Miracle grow may be a bit rich for them too. 

Pat, I hope you can save the Iris, as it sounds like an Heirloom Iris.  I would use information that Zigmund sends you as he is pretty much an expert in growing Iris...  It would be nice if you have a photo to upload as that really helps identify any problems or what is going on!


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