Has anyone used the verticle or angled supports to grow plants like cucumbers or squash? I'm interested in trying something this year and would love any suggestions you may have.  

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Cucumber, squash, melons, peas, etc work well on vertical setups.  You can use PVC pipes to form a frame, and hang netting or webbing or even chicken wire from the frame.

R. Lee, do you have any photos of the set up you're talking about with the pvc and netting?  It's my first year not leaving them to their own devices on the ground... 

Many thanks for your ideas!

Leah Martin

I have some squash growing on vertical supports.  They haven't matured yet so I'm not sure how well the setup will hold up under the weight, but here is how it looks now:



I hammered three six-foot garden posts into the ground and slid the upright pipes over them, then tied trellis netting (purhcased at Lowe's) to the pipes.


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