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Comment by Keryn, USDA Zone 10 Australia on July 29, 2014 at 9:33pm

Lorriane, from what I understand the lymph glands need good strong lung function. Some strong breathing exercises would not hurt. Poor lungs are usually caused by hanging onto too tight. eg someone, something, a way of life. Pain in the body will also cause people not to breath strong enough.

Comment by Keryn, USDA Zone 10 Australia on July 29, 2014 at 9:23pm

One of the things I am very allergic too is mold and as soon as walK into the fruit section at the supermarket I can smell it. When I walk past some stands, I instantly take a step back from it and when I read the sign, yes, its imported and has been in storage for too long. I agree with all you have posted Vicky, fruit thats ripened on the tree is full of sun energy. I get that everyone cannot grow their own, but if you buy what you know is in season in your area ,it is the best. I believe that Nature has provided what we need for our climate, so if it does not grow in your climate you don,t really need it. Cold climate apples and pears are a strong enough acid. Warmer climates have pineapples which is a stronger acid and is needed to drain excessive fluid held onto by the body due to heat.

Comment by Vicky Myers on July 29, 2014 at 3:27am

Ok this post is out of place I had to redo it as I had the wrong part in here so you couldn't get to the links. So this is why the last post. I need sleep night...........................

Asparagus grows well here.

One of the bad foods they said not to eat on a utube is unripe fruit The book says why but dang it I keep nodding off trying to find it. It was nasty hot today and I kinda fried my brain mowing the school lawn. One reason is the plants have stuff in them that keep the bugs from harming them.

Anyway here are a few links

trying again I posted the wrong part of it that is the link going to my inbox duh.

Comment by Vicky Myers on July 29, 2014 at 3:04am

Found it, was on the first page duh. Unripe fruit can be toxic to the body because of enzyme inhibitors and poisonous cofactors that protect the plant from pests and animals until it is ripe and ready to eat. Nature's way of protecting. Also the moment you pick a plant, fruit or veg it starts dying and losing it's viality. Most of the volatile delicate cvompounds dissipate within the first 15 minutes. Once a plant is picked it can lose half it's vitamins in the first hour or two. So if you aren't growing your own and letting it vine ripen you are losing over 200 phytochemicals essential to life. The stuff in the store is green picked and shipped all over and can take a week to get to the store then sits there and then we bring it home and let it sit some more. Now it is worthless to us. Actually harmful since it is rotting also.

Comment by Keryn, USDA Zone 10 Australia on July 29, 2014 at 2:19am

In my life I have had reasons, as a care person and with my own health to look past modern medicine for help. There is a lot of info out there on the 5 tastes some say theres 6. Indian culture is very into this as well. Heaps of books if you know where start looking.

Comment by Vicky Myers on July 29, 2014 at 1:54am

I am reading a book called Free Food and Medicine worldwide Edible Plant Guide, Every Living Thing has a Purpose _Even Weeds. By Markus Rothkranz. The fellows that are helping me around here have actually moved in one has a new born girl and a 2 year old boy. They eat only an organic raw food diet & weeds. Weeds are considered a plant that is growing where we don't want it to. In reading it last night I got into a couple of web sites and some utubes with info about eating raw and what you shouldn't eat. It tells what different things do like what you just posted. He says bitter as most plants in nature are, have a purpose- not to deter you from eating them but because we need them. Especially to cleanse the liver and the whole digestive system. Bitter herbs or natural stuff w/a bitter taste urges the body to secrete bile & hydrochloric (stomach) acid. They tone the muscles of the digestive tract, improve nutrient absorption & help the body rid of waste. They boost immunity, antibodies & help our digestive system resist infections. Bitters are good for Inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, liver problems, low energy. Take bitter stuff before meals for best effect. WE NEED BITTER. The more you accept this fact, the healthier you will be. The more bitter stuff you eat the less bitter YOU are as a person.Examples ogfbitters are swedish bitters, Oregon grape root, gentian root, wormwood leaves, artichoke leaves, grape bitters, dandelion, senna, angelica, lemon peel, turmeric, cardamon, schizandra, berries, juniper berries, gentian.

Quoted from the book.

Comment by Lorraine Smith Pacific NW on July 28, 2014 at 11:48am

Keryn, that's quite interesting & I have not read that anywhere before. I have lymphedema and constantly looking for info on anything helpful to live with it. I am a coffee addict (no wish to be) & I juice several times a week with ginger and garlic. No wonder. . .

Comment by Keryn, USDA Zone 10 Australia on July 27, 2014 at 11:06pm

The modern world delights in everything being difficult and hard to understand. The function of food on the body is no different to everything else, its hard to under stand in modern terms.

I am sharing some information I have on Tibetan Teachings.

There are 5 main food tastes and the majority of unprocessed food fits into one.

Bitter taste,  eg  coffee, chocolate, bitter greens and some nuts. The function is draining and drying of fluid in the body, stops the body from becoming too wet and over emotional.

Pungent Food, eg onions ,garlic. move fluids around the body, (blood, urine) but not out of the body.

Sweet Food, is calming, harmonizing and works via the spleen center.

Sour Food, milk would be considered to be sour. The function is is to hold onto and direct all body functions to the right course of action.

Salty Foods, are for, purification and detoxification through the organs, softening them as it goes. The cleaning action is determined and strong.

Bland Food, eg zucchini, egg plant . The function is to release fluid via the bladder and correct over dampness.

The most important source of energy is not food, but sunshine and fresh air.

After I first read this, I now, always think. What is that taste? What is its function?

My understanding is that we need all of them , for our bodies to work properly.

Comment by Keryn, USDA Zone 10 Australia on July 27, 2014 at 6:34pm

I have looked up and have some info on sub to tropical veggies . I found a ref for Asparagus which says the ideal temp is 16c to 28c.

Comment by Keryn, USDA Zone 10 Australia on July 27, 2014 at 6:30pm

You get down to -10f , even on the west coast. I need to do a lot more research on subtropical vegetables from Asian countries, they would grow all year here under shade clothe. Chinese cabbage and pak choi are just a couple.


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