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Comment by Lyn - Sydney on January 30, 2011 at 4:48am
Glenda - thanks for your tips on Blueberries, I will try again and remember to take off the flowers and not get so excited and allow the plant to fruit!!
Comment by Minako Sargent Fukuda on January 30, 2011 at 4:29am
Dear Muriel, I couldn,t get past agavae sugar, I have not heard of it here in Australia, could you please be so kind as to get me a address so I can get it too or maybe they know where else I can get it, my grumpy hubby is a diabetic so thats why I find it important, he is a stubborn male who isn,t really looking at times what he eats and his sugar is skyhigh so this would be real good, thanks I do appreciat e this Miko
Comment by Minako Sargent Fukuda on January 30, 2011 at 12:50am
Hi lyn and glenda ,thank you for your fast reply , I will get in touch with this company once I get the ph no and I guess it takes time cost related, thanks for the advice on blueberries, how deep a pot do they like ?do I have to watch for companion planting too?, can I grow them under a tree like in the forest!?I hurt canes have to be pruned on reaspberries but which ones on the bush?do you cut ..... I am listening please let me know ,thx
Comment by Lyn - Sydney on January 29, 2011 at 11:09pm

Miko - Look up The Fruit Salad Tree Company - it is located in Emmaville - far North New South Wales.  That is where I bought all my multi fruit trees from.  I have an apple tree with 3 different types on it, a peach tree with 2 different types on and you can pick from a selection what you want grafted onto the tree - you can have up to 5 different say Citruses and so on.  I also bought them as gifts for people and they have all survived being in pots whilst we built and this has been their first season in the ground.  They are not cheap but they are good stock is all I can say!  I initially saw them at a Gardening Exhibition and was intrigued by the different types of fruit on one tree.  They have also exhibited at gardening shows in Melbourne as far as I know.

I did see a gardening show on TV where an old migrant gardener in Victoria had grafted his own various fruit trees. Worth a try I guess??

Hope this helps you somewhat.

Comment by Glenda Truscott z8 on January 29, 2011 at 11:05pm
Miko, I have heard from the experts that when you plant a blueberry bush it is best to pick off the flower buds the first two years.  This will allow the energy of the plant to go into root production instead of fruit production.  This will give you a more robust bush in the long run.
Comment by Minako Sargent Fukuda on January 29, 2011 at 9:52pm
any aussies out there I want a lemontree mixed with orange , I had one some time ago just one fruit but I like to get a tree , the taste was divine !please let me know so the nursery knows which one by name ! thanks
Comment by Minako Sargent Fukuda on January 29, 2011 at 9:49pm
Hi bobi , yes they are great, my peachtree is in one for at least 5 yrs. and if you where to see just how many peaches this tree has this year its absolutly amazing , I think what is part of the reason for the succsses is the wholes in the bowle, I have never touches the rootsystem and the only thing I do is pruning because I am only 5 feet , the next thing I want to do is get lockable castors and drill a hole just a bit bigger use a bolt and than i can wheel it wherever I want to place it, easy when you move , as I said before I have an inventive mind , you didin,t say if you have kerbside throwout nights, its amazing what one can find , and you know why doesn,t suburb /town/area put a little newsletter out, where people can advertise for free if they want to get rid of things or barter or whatever they fancy, gets the whole community together you actually get to know whats going on, and we all have gifts of various kinds money doesn,t always have to be the in end all of everything !I know its important thats why I cant put pics on this but the time is coming, if you know a lady that is a chatterbox throw the word for what your looking for you ,ll get it......let me know what you rdoing on this subjects regardsMIko
Comment by Charlie Patin Z8 TX on January 29, 2011 at 8:43pm
Deborah,  One BIG lemon.  I may try a tree.  I've got a myer that does well if I put it in the greenhouse for the winter.  How big does the tree get?  Our winters can get fairly cool sometimes.  Routinely get into the low 20s a few times a winter.  If it's small enough I can get it into my greenhouse.
Comment by Muriel Fish on January 29, 2011 at 7:21pm
Deborah,  Holy cats!  That's one huge lemon!  My grandfather had a lemon tree when we were kids, and it produced some big lemons that you could eat right off the tree.  I don't think they were that big, but, man were they sweet. That thing is like a grapefruit!
Comment by Deborah Hamel (Z9a-9b Arizona) on January 29, 2011 at 6:49pm

Muriel- I was please with the lemon harvest this year. Our Ponderosa Lemon tree is only 2nd winter in the ground and not reported to fruit for a total of 3 years following transplanting. What a surprise when we picked a total of 14 beautiful lemons.

The Ponderosa lemon is the large one, the others are normal size lemons of 2" diameter. The Ponderosa has a rather thick rind which protects incredibly sweet segments. Ours juiced out an average of 8 oz. of juice per fruit. The juice is a bit easier on the stomach than the regular size varieties. Not so good for strong curd, but GREAT for lemonade or seasoning fish dishes.


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