My mom told me about Verti-gro system, but I want to use my own soil and my well for watering.  I just need the right container that will allow for many plants in small space. Any ideas?

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Wendy I use planter boxes and stack them stairstep on cinder blocks.

They look sad now cause it is winter. I need to finish cutting them back.

If I could afford Wooly Pockets or figure out how to have my fence as a wall of strawberries I would be happy. I had them in the back yard in ground and I got black hard shelled bugs think strawberry weevils ate them then I moved them to boxes. This yr the bugs ate all my raspberry plants in wine barrels out front. The strawberries that were out back volunteered and spread all over the back yard again and produced in the fall, think they are June bearers?????? Doesn't matter how I plan or plant they all do what they want and if I grow something well then the bugs eat them if not weevils it's leaf miners.

You can also plant an upright pallet or build cart thing to grow in, will try to find pics.  

I looked up Wooly Pockets-wow those are pricey. Share other pics as you find them please.

I make my own version of Wolly Pockets out of simular fabric that I buy at the garden center.  Much cheeper.

do you have any pictures of what you came up with or a name of the fabric that works well for you? I live is missouri so we are zone 5 i believe...and my garden will be mostly in full sun..would this work for me? or would the plants dry out to soon do you think?

I love this could plant anythign in them to get some height on a fence...I have to try this one!!


Beth yes you can, those boxes are deep enough to plant all kinds of things and if you have a sturdy fence and it has big enough spaces you can put the metal box holders on the fence. My friend said it look like a mortuary.

I do companion planting and plant spinach in cooler weather and bush beans in summer with strawberries.

even a layered planting of different colors of the trailing petunias would be so pretty...each row a different color...oh I'm excited!!!


yes petunias are so beautiful..  :)


I am thinking about how this can all be done in a front yard garden bed.  I am pondering how much the cinder blocks will show from the street. Any thoughts?

depends on what you put in the planters...anything that will quickly start hanging down over the fronts will soon cover the blocks.  If you are thinking of plants that grow tall then they would show...


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"Thank you Keryn, you obviously are fertilizing just right!  Mine are indoors, but it has been a relatively cool summer.  I will try just a little fertilizer.  At least the plants look healthy and still alive!"
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"Will do, Keryn. I'm enjoying every minute until the winter traps us inside."
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