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    Let's talk about houseplants!  Everyone is welcome!

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    For African Violet Lovers-To identify, ask questions, care of, share/swap cuttings and more! If you post photos please ID the variety if you know…

  • Oklahoma

    34 members Latest Activity: Apr 10, 2013 Anybody, anywhere in Oklahoma who grows a garden.

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    46 members Latest Activity: Apr 6 Share your tips for growing and propagating ferns.

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    97 members Latest Activity: Mar 10 This group is for sharing projects in progress. Post with before and after pictures, progress of an ongoing project. Share suggestions, or links, and…

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    511 members Latest Activity: Feb 23 Everyone loves a bargain, and gardeners have traditionally learned to make do with limited resources. Free is even better. Share your tips and finds…

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    Pictures, etc.. of gardens that are in memory of a person, or persons

  • Fertilizers

    46 members Latest Activity: Feb 14 This site is open to any fertilizing tips, techniques or types of fertilizers that you have tried.

  • Hen and Chicks, Stonecrops and Sedum

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    A happy place to come to, to discuss these amazing plants, with over 400 stonecrop and over 4000 Hen and Chick varieties we will be sure to have…

  • Seed Trading

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    Looking for active seed traders!  If you have viable seeds that you can't use, but want to get your hands on some new ones....You're not alone! …

  • Recycle Mania

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    I want to see your adventures in recycling. It can be anything made to be used for something else. Especially yard and garden ideas.…

  • Floral Painters

    28 members Latest Activity: Nov 6, 2013 artists and painters who paint gardens and flowers

  • All I Know About Clematis

    196 members Latest Activity: Apr 5 Tell us your thoughts and tips on growing Clematis. Show us your prettiest. Any comments or questions welcome.

  • Orchids

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  • San Antonio, TX

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    Group where San Antonio, TX gardeners can come together and share seeds, plants and be informed of gardening programs here in the city. I will…

  • Lilacs

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    A forum to discuss anything to do with lilacs.

  • Public Gardens

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    This is a place to discuss and share your experiences at public gardens, an arboretum, indoor gardens, church gardens, cemetery plantings, or even…

  • Hydrangeas

    186 members Latest Activity: Jul 23, 2013 A place to connect with other hydrangea aficionados. It is a bit of a challenge to grow hydrangeas in zone 6b but in those lucky, mild winter years I…

  • Colorado

    50 members Latest Activity: Jun 30, 2013 Colorado spans 4 USDA zones. From our banana belt (Zone 6) in Grand Junction to the majority of the inhabited space (zone 5), to the Rocky Mountains…

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Vicky Myers commented on Community Manager's group Vegetable Gardens
"There are big holes in the pasture, hope they are just the gray squirrels and not something bigger, or snakes. Gonna have to get rid of the darn gray squirrels."
57 minutes ago
Vicky Myers commented on Community Manager's group Vegetable Gardens
"It's either sand or hard pan from being walked on by cows for 50+ years. There is an old pile of cow poo to til in.  It was pasture for our milk cows & beef."
1 hour ago
Janie Reynolds...Z 6 commented on Janie Reynolds...Z 6's photo


"Yes Keryn, Yesterday it was in the 80's and everything was gorgeous. This morning it was in the 30's with a light snow. We are supposed to have a hard freeze tonight. Today we have had snow, hail, rain, and sunshine. "
3 hours ago
Keryn, USDA Zone 10 Australia commented on Janie Reynolds...Z 6's photo


"Hope you didn,t get too excited, too early with planting, winter just wont let go will it."
5 hours ago
Keryn, USDA Zone 10 Australia commented on Janie Reynolds...Z 6's photo


"Is this a new fall of snow, hope it melts quickly so you can back to spring growing."
5 hours ago
Keryn, USDA Zone 10 Australia commented on Community Manager's group Vegetable Gardens
"Thanks Vicky, I didn,t think I had it right, so they might be Ok. I will still do a test. Just to see which do best. I have trouble with stumpy carotts even if the packet says long. it could be not enough ground moisture the to 2 inchs is damp but…"
5 hours ago
Vicky Myers commented on Community Manager's group Vegetable Gardens
"2 days before new moon plant above ground growers. From full to smaller plant root crops and transplant. They won't grow up they might rot before they germinate."
11 hours ago
Vicky Myers commented on Grant, Scottsdale,Arizona Zone 9's group Houseplants
"Keryn I wish I made that much money then I could quit worrying about things that need to get paid. I have to have a huge sale with all the junk at the farm and more plants from here. Everything there is dead from no water for the past 2 years."
11 hours ago



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