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Moss Grown From a Recipe for Success and Secret Technique!


Moss is so lovely in moist, shady places in the garden and it is relatively easy to plant or transplant. Rocks and logs, near or on water features, gentle slopes, creek banks and between garden path stones are just a few examples of locations where moss can complete a look or solve a problem in the landscape of your property.

Moss plants can be purchased in nursery…


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Just for laughs...

A fellow named Art walks up to another man in a local supermarket and demands that they guy give him a buck.

"Forget it you bum" says the guy, but as he tries to walk away Art puts his hands around around the guys neck and strangles him to death.

Art, never one to give up, walks up to a woman wearing a pretty hat and scarf. "Hey lady,  gimme a dollar right now!" he orders of her. "Why you have no manners, I would never give you money!" she cried shrilly.Once her back was turned…


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Fall Has Brought the Dying Days/ A Poem



My friends I have been reading much grumbling about fall and the seemingly endless wait for spring that most of us gardeners find difficult to endure. many or most of our lovely garden disappears annuals die and perennials go dormant, the rains and dark days are here and the winter has yet to show us how mean he might be to those plants that are strong and brave enough to last until he arrives with his infamous weapons of mass destruction. It is a…


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Did you know that you can collect seeds from Hosta plants?


Most of us get our Hosta plants the usual way, we buy them or we ask friends and neighbors for a handout when they are dividing their mature plants. You can purchase Hostas either in potted form in various sizes or you can find them packaged and sold like bulbs. But did you know you can easily gather seeds to plant the fall for successful, healthy plants?

Here is how:…


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Roses are Red...Violets Blue...


I had been living in my new home in Washington State for a few months. Settled in, I began the clean up of the yard and started forming preliminary plans for the gardens. I  knew I must begin to plant soon, a late start, as spring was well along, summer a blink away.

The neighborhood here is marvelous, all my new neighbors have such nice landscaped yards and lovely…


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This was just too long for the status post so I moved it here to the blog

I am absolutely stunned by the response to my photo uploads, To be quite honest I had logged out immediately after uploading them because I was feeling silly, a little intimidated really, because of all the spectacular pictures of members gardens and creative projects. I thought my photos would be of little interest to a group of such obvious master gardeners. I logged out certain I would only return to peak now and then at other's gardens and creative…


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