Okay no excuses, I had not done much in the garden lately... I let my work life pretty much take it's toll this week.  I, however, am  reading my three NEW CATALOGS!!! 

     Can you tell, I am way to excited...I have done nothing but fantasized over what I could put in my little back yard... Of course, reality sets in and I come back to earth... realizing that I can only do so much to create the space of my dreams, a little at a time...

     Do you know that I tagged each and every item to see how much I pretend to spend... One catalog, That was The Territorial Seed Companywww.territorialseed.com. I spent over $400.00... Whew, That was one sitting... ha ha ha! No, but really, I can only get a few things to contribute to my tangent thinking...


     But I do want to tell you about this one catalog. I just got it about a day or so ago... This catalog is fabulous, as you skim through, it gives you the feeling of, going back in time some, when news print was the way of life... kind of Victorian glamor, all pictures are illustrated and  designed to give an appearance, like a sears catalog... When, I was oh, about 6 or 7, my grandmother would get these huge shopping books from department stores, and us grand kids would sit for hours and look through them for the coolest toys and clothes. We would make a list of items we all would like for Christmas or what ever holiday that was of the time...  I have done nothing but look through this catalog like that moment when I was that little girl again.. So this One is called....

      R.H. Shumway's. www.rhshumway.com/. 

If you get a chance to request a catalog, try this one tooo...


Honey! I'm home...

     As the night was winding down,  I was waiting for my hubby to get home from work... I had dinner all ready for him, staying warm in the microwave...  I was watching a little bit of T.V.

     I heard the front door open. My furry kids were alert wondering if it was Daddy...  All four of us were glued to to the stairs waiting to see who it was coming up. Well, lo & behold... it was dad... no real surprise though right!?!   As he was waling towards me he had something in his hands out stretched, extending to me... Can you guess what it was, NO!, of course not,...  Oh!...silly me...  But I will tell you!

    A Blackberry  Bush.... Yes! How cool is that!!!  Okay, maybe not so much for you guys and gals... But for me... WOW!!!  I love that man of mine...

    I have a problem though, I have no idea of how to cultivate this berry bush... I want to put it in a container...  I know that I have research to do...  I did however get a couple of facts down, about putting it in a container...  I know that they are heavy feeders, and that I need to prune the limbs that I would harvest the blackberries off of... I know they are perennial...  This particular one has no thorns... yay for me!!! It is also two years old and that is when they will start to produce berries...  Pretty good so far!  huh?


A little while back I planted some lettuce.  I really didn't think that it would come to anything... I thought that I would experiment and see if it would work.  Well, surprise it really did... It is just beautiful and I can't wait to make a salad. I do need to buy some tomatoes among other things...

But Popcorn-corn chicken salad... yummmm! That sounds like a delish meal....

Goldfish  heavennnn!!

Remember my tank dilemma, I have fixed it and and the magnificent trio is happy as can be...

  The Three Amigos....

     Butter thinks that he would like to have dinner, as much as he is jumpin at them... but His belly is always full so that shouldn't be happening any time soon..

Last Minute Things...

     The garden border has been sprayed and the dirt will be tilled one more time next week-end to make rows.. and I will be commencing the seed plant ceremony.... I absolutely can't wait... If  I plant now!!! (well, this weekend) I counted about 70 days away, I should be able to begin harvest of quite a few things, if I did everything correctly, ha ha ha!  That would be about Mid-April..... Can't wait....

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unknown shrub

"Yes has tiny yellow flower, and a menthol scent, not mint."
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"Place I am staying gave me a bottle of saved runner beans. So when get home try to find some poles to train them up. If house does not sell by Fall I will have another cache of veggies for over winter."
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"Wow William looking good I so wish I was that far along. Thank you for the pics to drool over. I have 2x8s in a lean to roof that I wish were my raised beds already. I like purple beans they will turn green when you boil them. I eat em right off the…"
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