Japanese Maple: Help For a Friend...

Hi everybody!

My friend, Gary, is over and we were talking plants. He has a Japanese Maple that's fairly small... He says it's not doing so well... The leaves are already falling off and it just looks 'sickly'... I know that's not a great description, but when he told me about it, and that he's not sure what's wrong or what to do about it... I couldn't wait to tell him about my friends on www.gardenersindex.com. I told him that I could post this question and have an answer for him within a couple of hours, if that. He's going to send me a pic of the tree tomorrow, since it's dark out now, so that I can show you what he's talking bout. I haven't seen the tree, myself, either. All I know is that you guys will for SURE KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!

So, if anybody has any advice, even though my description is so vague, please help!!! I appreciate all of the advice I've gotten from all of you, and I know Gary will, too!!!

Thanks!!!!! :D

*Picture will be uploaded tomorrow afternoon!!!!

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"Thanks for the great info, Matthew. This is very helpful!"
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"Thank you Clare :) Believe it or not, it's just organics.  Early Spring: Corn gluten (This is a pre-emergent weed control) Early Summer: Alfalfa pellets, also used as small animal food (Slow-release Nitrogen) Mid-Late…"
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Wild & Blue Primroses

"Lorraine, I think one thing you and I have in common is that we both like bright, vividly colored blooms. These are really spectacular -- even if they only last for a few weeks."
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