There is a large amount of people that realize that for the last two decades much of what we used to produce in America is now produced in other countries. That is one reason for our huge deficits as well as some businesses suffering, not to mention unemployment. I am proud to say that the products we use and what we build in our landscaping projects in Portland OR. and Vancouver WA. are American made if not locally produced.
Take for example paver patios. The interlocking concrete pavers we use for our paver patios are made in either Washington or Oregon. The gravel we use is quarried locally also. So is the sand. When you get a patio installed by us it is 100% American made. The same is true with Manor stone, Pisa II wall units, CMU block and brick. Where do the materials come from typically for flagstone patios? Most of the flagstone choices come from Western United States with blue stone flagstone coming from the east coast. Again another American made product. The gravel or concrete and mortar come from local sources.

How about soil mixes, bark top dressing, boulders, sod, grass seed and creek rock? That is another 100% local product. Made in America.
What about the plants we use in our landscaping projects. Since Oregon and Washington are the nursery capitals of the United States you can rest assured they are made in America and again are a local
product that has some of the best quality you will see nationally in any nursery stock.
Now on to sprinkler system products. The pipe, fittings and swing pipe and drain line are made in America. We use Rainbird products and unfortunately the valves and irrigation heads are made in Mexico.
At least it isn’t a distant country.

Many times we are asked to make a wood wall out of pressure treated material. Well you don’t have to go far since Washougal WA is the place that makes most of our pressure treated wood.
As you can see landscaping is local and American made. You can feel good that the money you spend for your outdoor living needs are indeed kept local and help our local economy.
We have served the local areas of Portland OR and Vancouver WA for over twenty years with services that are American made and we are proud of it.

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Comment by cindy Loyd on July 1, 2011 at 7:38am
Good for you! will try to be more label conscious myself!

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