looking for some shrubs that can take some shade and grow to 3 to 5 feet tall with some color

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Comment by Phyllis Taylor on February 6, 2012 at 3:56pm

That would depend on which zone 8A--Penscaola, FL or Astoria, Oregon? Or? Need to know your temp extremes to offer suggestions that would work for you. Summers between Pensacola and Astoria are hugely different.

Comment by Marian Bostwick on February 1, 2012 at 11:48am

Abelia is one of my favorites for shade or partial shade. The flowers are tiny, and the deep pink blooms of the cultivar I have is really beautiful next to the deep maroon of the foliage. Mine seems to need a little more Sun, here in the mountain~desert, full Sun means something entirely different. It has taken me a long time to find the shrubs and, well, everything that grows well here. And in every different part of my hilly landscape. Of coarse, learning is what makes gardening so very interesting for me. Some of the learning was and is hard to take, though, as in all things important. How does that quote go?~"Anything worth having requires sacrifice" So many gardeners just move plants, I rarely am able to "JUST " do anything out there. I don't like moving shrubs in particular, and even though I do everything I have read and heard to do, and my natural garden instincts tell me to do, I lost a "Rio Samba" Rose last Summer from moving it out of the full sun that literally was frying the blooms which are incredibly beautiful and fragrant on that Rose. It would have to for me to even keep a hybrid tea Rose, as they are time~prohibitive for me. Thankfully, I have one left where they were originally planted. Since they are edible, I am going to collect for tea and other food related uses. They look so cool with deserts, and when I go to make lavender butter, I think I will add a little! I will figure out a way to keep it cool, maybe an umbrella. I've seen them used beautifully for that purpose. Kind of a long answer for a one sentence question, huh? Good Gardening, Marian

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Scott commented on Beth M Z6/Pa's group Name This Plant, Flower, Bush, Tree...???
"Ixia - The genus Ixia consists of a number of cormous plants native to South Africa from the Iridaceae family. Some distinctive traits include: sword-like leaves, and long wiry stems with star-shaped flowers"
2 hours ago
Marianne Konka commented on Grant, Scottsdale,Arizona Zone 9's group Houseplants
"Thank you Keryn, you obviously are fertilizing just right!  Mine are indoors, but it has been a relatively cool summer.  I will try just a little fertilizer.  At least the plants look healthy and still alive!"
3 hours ago
Clare Oliva commented on Keryn, USDA Zone 10 Australia's photo

Ribes Sanguineum, Flowering Current

"80 degrees F in the first month of spring? We're lucky if it gets to be 65 degrees F in April, which is our first month of spring."
4 hours ago
Clare Oliva commented on Keryn, USDA Zone 10 Australia's photo

Unknown bulbs

"That's interesting, Keryn. They do look a bit like gladioli, except the gladioli we have here don't make all of those leaves. (The leaves definitely remind me of irises)"
4 hours ago
Clare Oliva commented on Clare Oliva's photo

Pinky Winkies Are Almost All Pink Now

"Will do, Keryn. I'm enjoying every minute until the winter traps us inside."
4 hours ago
Clare Oliva commented on Clare Oliva's photo

Early Fall Color

"I hear you, Lorraine. Three or four years ago, we had a surprise snowstorm at the end of October. (That's VERY unusual for this area.) The leaves were still on the trees and the heavy snow made many branches break. We lost three 7-year-old…"
4 hours ago
Juliet Wilson commented on Barb Z-7b Okla's group BackYard Retreats
"Really nice chill out spot. With the heat here this summer and a new granddaughter I haven't been able to do anything."
4 hours ago
Keryn, USDA Zone 10 Australia commented on Grant, Scottsdale,Arizona Zone 9's group Houseplants
"I don,t fertilize very much, under trees mostly because the trees take from the plants under them. I use a week naturally manure liquid that I make in a 40 Lt container. Put a bit of manure in the bottom of container and fill with water and let…"
6 hours ago

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