A few years ago, I had a thought, a dream, if you will..


     The concept or desire, a hand in growing life of wonder...

      I wanted the aroma of my favorite herbs, the kind that makes you feel the sultry, humid feel of mid-morning. a brush of Basil, or a whiff of Chamomile as you sweep past, "mmm,  I can just smell them now." 

      Those are some of the moments that helped to inspire me to grow a garden.

     I was on a Tangent for years. I really wanted to grow just herbs to market to whom ever needed them. But, my backyard is just now getting to a point of accepting a garden.

     I bought book after book to learn, grow, and market herbs. Yet, my goal has been at unreachable calibers. I have found some wonderful sites, and incredible information to help me...  Somehow though it is taking a little longer than I wish to get the "Tangent" of my dreams...



     Spring is almost here, but the weather in Mesa, AZ, dictates that it is here.  It is cold in the mornings, and I just seem to keep hibernating... Is it things in my life that are influencing me to do so? Maybe! I feel a little overwhelmed with how big I made my garden and when to seed it...

But Great News!

        Lettuce in the coffee cans are emerging gloriously!!!

     I have labels in them, I should have shown which varieties were which.... I will next time..


     The winds kicked up a couple of days ago, and it was expressing its strength in the late evening... It made it kinda spooky...  I went out the next morning to see the results...

     Do you know what I found?... errrr!

     My seedlings; broccoli, parsley, and peppers, on the ground and thrown about!!!  I was in such disgust... Then I thought well, I guess.. Mother Nature has a plan right?

I guess, I will be buying those instead....

     I thought that I had it all planned out, when to plant my seeds and plant my tomatoes, peppers, etc.... but well, I don't have a plan... I haven't had time to do so... This coming weekend, I will be making an effort to plant and working the area of where I want to seed those Nigella seeds...

     My Blackberry bush is just sitting in its hole, no new growth or change... I'm wondering if I planted it too deep?

        Worried? Yes! I really want to have Blackberries.... I hope that I don't nurture it to death.... LOL!

     I did happen to get a couple of favorites, pansies. Mixed batch... Favorite color at the moment... Maroon and yellow...

and mint... Orange Mint  that is....

      I potted it up in a hanging basket... I have experienced mint "taking over" and having to round up those crazy shoots... I learned!



     I think that for indoors, this go around I want to plant huge pots of cat grass and catnip... I know that my Trio will have a blast eating and playing and digging in them...

     I came to this conclusion because their is a suspect amongst this family.

     A mysterious trail of dirt was found outside the pots of my favorite plants the other day... I, for the life of me, couldn't figure out how all that dirt got outside of the pot...


     Then, dadadadunnnn!

There he was, butter on the ledge, where my plants were...

     Will having cat grass and catnip make a mess? Yes! Will it be worth it? Yes! By all means cleaning a little bit of mess, compared to the destruction of my potted plant friends...


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Comment by Virginia Robertson on March 4, 2012 at 7:09pm
Just being out in it, really is therapy, especially these days for me! I love to plant and water and dig just as much as my first day of gardening. Nice to hear from you Lisa... Happy Gardening...
Comment by Lisa Gibson on March 4, 2012 at 6:09pm

My herb garden, new to me last year, has become my most favorite garden thing EVER.  I love to water it and weed it and harvest it.  It is natures aroma therapy.

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