Yesterday,.... (Friday)

     I thought that I would have planted my Blackberries by now,  but unfortunately or fortunately for me, I haven't yet!  I did say that I wanted to plant it in a container... I just can't seem to get an idea. I have scouted my tiny backyard.


     I have come up with the thought of planting the blackberry bush in the place where the Swiss Chard still exists.. I really like Swiss Chard, but as an ornamental type plant, you know, to look at in the garden. The taste is really disagreeable to me... I would guess it is an "acquired taste" type plant... In my own opinion....


      I will be ripping out the Swiss Chard and amending the soil...  It gets a good amount of sun and controlling the shoots that the blackberries put out will be easy enough to handle...

I, think that I will stick to this story...

      Wow! I can't believe how many more amazing blogs I have found and subscribed to, since the Versatile Blog Award...  Talk about the diverse and uniqueness people create.  I love finding and seeing all the new and maybe not so new blogs that are out there... The pictures are incredible, the hints are amazing... and, and, and... I can so, go on and on...


     This weekend,  My plan is to put more organic matter in the garden, create rows, add more watering lines, also start plotting my areas.

My list of plants consists of  Tomatoes,    of course







 green onions



 And to border the garden with  Nasties.... jk.. Nasturtium!!! Oh! and of course, Basil!!!

     My lettuce will be planted in the coffee cans in which I have collected. I have 10 of them so, I hope to have an array of different kinds of lettuce... loose leaf is my favorite.. so I will see how many types I can plant...



      We ended up tilling and making rows, well my husband did! lol!  He really did work hard...

     He tilled dug and help with the Blackberry bush... 

     That area where I decided to put the blackberry bush was so compact with that irritating soil.. They call it Caliche, this is a type of clay. A subsoil, Caliche is high in Alkaline and very in-penetrable.. It literally needs the jackhammer to breakthrough, it can go as deep as 6 feet down. Roots won't be able to spread and water won't penetrate to water the plant...


     So here is my husband working his mightiest trying to work, and get this irritating soil in check, so I can have a blackberry bush... He dug it up and then mixed organic matter in the soil, I then followed the direction on the packaging, then the plant was placed and planted...      I hope it will be happy...

Lettuce Cans


     I punched holes in the coffee cans and dumped a little gravel in the bottom, then soil.  I have three different types of lettuce to use.

     I have 1.  Lettuce (salad bowl) 2. Mesclun  3. GrandRapids...



    I decided to plant next week in-ground,  carrots and radish, I thought that I would plant my cucumbers and squash, but I think I will wait a while longer...




    I decided to investigate tomatoes... I want tomatoes that will work in this AZ climate... So I asked the question literally, What tomato grows best in AZ... ( Duh Right?)   It turns out the indeterminate works best and the One that is best is called, Early Girl... indeterminate is the vining type, and it will produce for the long haul... The determinate type is the bush kind... and it does not produce for the long haul, it produces all at once...

     These if I can remember were an heirloom... I think they were indeterminate, but not Early Girl...

      So carrots and radish this week, I hope that the radish do well enough without going monster,

     But I'm excited for my carrots though...

     All the different colors and of course I will be planting traditional orange ones too...


    I have a couple of blog friends that are in the deep freeze right now, SO, Stay warm, keep your chimney's clean, and have some exciting times in the kitchen... ha ha ha ha!!!

    I can only imagine my time will be coming when it is 120 degrees out, and to just step outside takes your breath away... Not looking for that time at all...

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Comment by Virginia Robertson on February 9, 2012 at 4:06pm
Thanks it was a chore... We will see if the blackberry bush agrees or not... :)
Comment by Catherine Cronin (Ireland) on February 9, 2012 at 12:31pm

Good luck with that hard ground, Virginia. Great Blog.. I am hoping to get started soon too :)

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